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I am an international student who is from China in graduate pathway program at George Mason University (GMU). After the pathway program, I am planing to the earn the master degree of Applied Information Technology (AIT) in GMU. My specialization is C++, JAVA, MATLAB and Maple, and I did a series of mathematical modeling projects which needed to use these computer languages.

I had nine months work experience in project management at SIEMENS. In this period, I dealt with developing, implementing and operating the project for the eventual goal. This experience makes me realize that my interests are researching project management and software process improvement in AIT field. This is the reason that I choose to study further in this field.

The purpose of the portfolio is to introduce myself to the people who want to know me. This portfolio includes a resume and a statement of purpose about my experience, a plan of study about my following study in GMU, a writing sample to show my writing skills, and some photos which can reflect my pathway study experience.

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